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Reflecting the true mental health of the nation's workforce

We will report on what is really happening to the wellbeing of people across the nation, and recommend what measures can be put in place to improve things for everyone. As the Government's Thriving at Work report (2017) made clear, the cost to the economy of poor employee mental health is huge. We will all benefit emotionally and financially from making positive changes.

Participating organisations will be selected from various corporate and public sector companies to examine what is happening to employee wellbeing in different parts of the economy. We will then work with these organisations to help them become examples of excellence within their field.

Want to get involved?

We'd love you to join us in CARi 2020 Vision

Together we will lead the way in changing the wellbeing agenda

We have the opportunity to publish a body of important research that will be used to set the agenda for workplaces within the UK and beyond - and at the same time we can make a real difference to people's lives at work.

We're excited to be involved in such an enterprse, and look forward to working with you to change the workscape for everyone!

Big data and privacy

Quite an important consideration, in light of GDPR amongst other things. We have privacy policies in place governing how we protect data processed by CARi software. Our servers are AWS - within the EU and highly secure. We have stringent security procedures and access audit logs in place. When data is used for reporting purposes, it is anonymised: the software separates it from any identifying information. We've worked hard with the ICO to make sure that the processes and policies we use comply with GDPR, and are open and clear about everything. If you have any questions relating to data protection, feel free to ask,

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