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CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

All about CARi®

CARi® (the Care and Resilience Index) is an online questionnaire that measures mental health, wellbeing, and emotional engagement.
The careful construct of questions means it analyses and compares cognitive and emotional responses - revealing the true picture of mental health and wellbeing across your organisation.

Technology is not the answer to improving people's health and wellbeing:
CARi® is the gateway to target the right people with the right support at the right time - for them to perform, flourish, and thrive.

Leaf CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Find out

What is affecting employees (support, culture); why; what you can do about it

Build a Roadmap

Of mental health and resilience by location, position, contract type and more

Predict and Prevent Sickness Absence

and staff turnover, and errors of judgement

Boost ROI

The effectiveness and ROI of your current initiatives

Open the Conversation

Build on a culture of openness and emotional integrity

Reduce Presenteeism

And associated costs

Meet the HSE Standards

For stress in the workplace

A place people love

A workplace people want to be part of, enjoy, and engage with on an emotional level

What an award winning employee survey looks like

It's one that provides active support and care to the people engaging with it - not just a forum to vent.

The stigma around mental health means that current staff support systems are failing. 35% of employees feel that admitting depression to colleagues means they are less likely to get promoted. People are unwilling to admit that they are suffering.

Questions that target the conscious, and subconscious
Expertly crafted by psychologists, the questions uncover how people are truly feeling

Instant, personalised support - for everyone
Every single person who responds immediately receives a Wellbeing Profile, explaining why they may be feeling the way they do, and individualised support resources and signposting based on their level of wellbeing.

Option to confidentially provide more in-depth support to those in need
CARi® can identify people with a specified level of wellbeing, and contact them to offer them more support - this could be group workshops, coaching, or online resources. All without you ever knowing who they are, so maintaining privacy, confidentiality, and anonymity.

A comprehensive report on wellbeing levels across the organisation
A detailed 'roadmap' and narrative on the wellbeing levels, culture, and hidden problems within your organisation. Alongside this you can opt to receive in-depth recommendations and analysis on how to help and support your people to thrive.

Robust Data Protection, and commitment to GDPR
People need to feel safe, and confident that their data is being protected. Our CEO, Maria Paviour, is a Practitioner Psychologist registered with the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council): everything we do as a business is geared to protecting our users data and confidentiality. We use secure EU based servers to store and process data, and all employees are highly trained and fluent in the GDPR - we invited ICO Officers to spend a day with us reviewing and discussing our systems. The CARi® software itself was developed with GDPR in mind, organisations using CARi® will never be able to access individual people's data.

CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

BBC News featuring launch of CARi®

We launched the latest development of CARi® with Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals Trust in 2017, to over 8000 staff

The rollout and launch day wellbeing workshops were covered by BBC News.