The process for organisations

What you can expect from Cari: your results

Engagement with Cari: uptake of consultations

When you first start out with Cari, typically 30% of your people will engage with her and take part in a wellbeing consultation. This is normal: people don't know what to expect. It's a positive level of engagement for a new service which needs people to proactively engage with it.

You can really increase engagement by using the comms materials that we can provide for you.Engagement will naturally rise as Cari has a 'viral affect' and more people begin to talk about her.

Reliability of results

We usually expect the data to have a 95% reliability with a 2-3% margin of error. On average people rate Cari as 92% accurate.

CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

After the consultation: what happens next?

Cari connects people to the right support, at the right time, in the right way.

With the Cari COVID-19 free offer, and Cari Synergy Plan, this includes signposting people to your in-house wellbeing initiatives and support.

Wellbeing Coaching
cari wellbeingconsultations free forever

A pool of dedicated, highly qualified and experience NeuChem wellbeing coaches, on hand to provide free telephone coaching sessions. Cari’s volunteer coaches have offered to provide one free wellbeing coaching session, of up to one hour, to anyone who needs it.

BENDs with Cari
cari wellbeingconsultations free forever

Quick, easy and fun, BEND movements are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain’s chemistry to make you feel instantly better, without any dependency.

Taking two minutes, each exercise will help you to get in the brain state you need to be in to feel energised and perform well. After your wellbeing consultation with Cari, she always recommends the best BENDs to address your current brain state and improve your wellbeing and performance levels.

Wellbeing workshops
cari wellbeingconsultations free forever

Focussed on building resilience and wellbeing, the free one hour workshops cover a range of topics including:

The brain science of resilience; building better relationships; achieving lasting happiness; the secret to real courage; becoming a creative genius

21 Day Happiness Plan
cari wellbeingconsultations free forever

A 21 Day Happiness Plan, focused on delivering the right BENDs at the right time, as a special added extra. There are specific tailored versions for key workers, those in isolation and people returning to work.

The wellbeing workshop was absolutely brilliant! You really are a true inspiration, I have taken so much from your session. Engaging and informative, with neuroscience and psychology behind everything – thank you so much.

Clare Silva, Operations Manager, Manor Royal BID.

Keeping in touch: our feedback and reporting

CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Cari's free support offer for organisations

Here is some more information about how Cari's free offer works. If you have questions, please get in touch and speak to us

View full Terms and Conditions and sign up to get Cari working with your organisation

How does the free offer work?

We will provide access to Cari Synergy, free of charge, for up to 3 months during Covid-19 lockdown. During this period, you will have access to additional services: wellbeing workshops/webinars, resources, wellbeing coaching, and detailed reporting/audits.

Will my organisation be under any obligation to subscribe to the paid for plan when the free offer ends?

No - your organisation will not be obliged to purchase any additional services, or continue with the subscription after the free offer ends.

What happens at the end of the free offer?

If you would like to continue using the Cari Synergy plan with your organisation, you will need to sign up to the annual paid subscription. A typical plan may start at £7.50 pp pa but, as we are on a mission to support wellbeing, we do our best to accommodate different needs and budget levels. If you do not purchase a subscription, your access link to Cari will close and employees can continue receiving wellbeing consultations if they sign up to the Cari Personal plan. You will no longer have the ability to signpost to your in-house support, or additional resources/workshops, or access data/reports on the wellbeing of your people

What happens to the data?

Responses to consultations are anonymised, and retained for research purposes only.

Can I cancel my organisation's subscription?

Yes of course, at any time. Either one of us can write to the other, ending the subscription.