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CARi wellbeing and employee engagement software Maria Paviour Company Ltd

Mental Health Metrics

Award Winning Wellbeing Software

Track and trend the wellbeing and mental health of your company in realtime

Maintain confidentiality and keep your finger on the pulse

CARI: Care and resilience index

CARi® is at the forefront of wellbeing technology

Our software provides you with a complete, end to end solution to support your employees in improving their mental health. The quick and easy questionniare gives them an instant insight into their wellbeing, and confidential, tailored support. The data is amalgamated anonymously to provide you with a roadmap of the mental health and resilience of your business. You can immediately view successes and areas that may need support - and receive practical information on what changes can be made that will have a real difference.

CARi®: mental health metrics

Our award winning app, developed by expert psychologists over 25 years

Register of CARi® Wellbeing Coaches

Meet our team of highly qualified coaches, and check that your coach is registered

CARi® demonstration

Find out exactly how CARi® works, and why it's so powerful - and popular!

What people think

A selection of real world case studies and testimonials from public sector, corporate, and third sector organisations

14.3 million work days...

...are lost to mental health problems each year in the UK alone

CARi® helps your business by identifying hidden problems, and anonymously intervening.

Your employees have autonomy and support, leaks in business finance are plugged.

Use CARi® to make the invisible, visible

25 years of research and development, two European Awards and one UK Government Award
This unique employee wellbeing survey gives you a real picture of employee engagement, wellbeing, and resilience.

Use the data to get the right measures in place at the right time
Know exactly which areas of your business need support, and what kind of support they need. Identify pockets of people that are flourishing: put plans in place to replicate their success throughout your business

Protect anonymity and maintain confidentiality
Provide support to the people who need it, without ever knowing who they are

Save money by saving people...
...before they go under: reduce staff sickness absence, turnover, and accidents/errors of judgement

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